We are all under an enormous strain, and while the beauty of Spring and the radiant sunshine offer us some hope, announcements about the opening up our World and enjoying life to its fullest are still some way off. Therefore, I would like to offer you my services as a kinesiologist.


We have all buckled under the strain of current circumstances, whether that looks like toxicity because of using food and substances as a coping mechanism, a dark cloud of depression, the awful racing strain of anxiety, or maybe you are just feeling downright exhausted from keeping all the plates in the air. I can help you move through your issues and emotions, cushioning the pain you are feeling and transforming you into your best self.


Now more than ever it is important to get back into our heart space, to be in our bodies, and be reignited with joy and hope. And that is very possible. Kinesiology is an amazing tool which uses Energy medicine and incorporates, the mind, body, and soul. So whether you are experiencing structural issues, physiological symptoms, or psychological issues, or you have reached existential crisis, as your kinesiologist I will hold space for you and help you move through these issues with grace and new found strength – you will find the light at the end of the tunnel.

While some of us have lost so much, and things may look futile, there is always light. We all journey through our agreements in life, and while in the thick of it, it may be dark, cause us heart palpitations and keep us awake in the darkest hours of the night – the journey changes us, instead of becoming jaded kinesiology can assist you to walk your path resiliently and shine.


As a kinesiologist I can use formats to help rewire your brain, assisting you to alter your psycho-emotional experience of the world. I am also able to work with your bio-chemistry to assist you to alter the embodied experience which you feel. For example I can assist you to rewire the bio-chemistry of fight or flight as experienced with anxiety, or the neurotransmitters involved in alleviating depression, or work with your adrenaline and cortisol levels to help you alleviate your fatigue.


Our dear children have been so deeply affected by this experience, and now more than ever need our help. Whether they have shut down emotionally, are experiencing anxiety, depression, or are exhibiting behavioural issues, as a kinesiologist I can assist them. Children are primarily energetic beings, full of beans and unhindered by the patterns us adults tend to take on, they therefore respond well to kinesiology, and often bounce back quite quickly. My professional speciality is working with children and families, whether that be the dynamics within a family, teenagers transitioning from child to adult (in this most difficult time), or the issues an individual child is facing. As your kinesiologist I am able to assist you and your children transition through these difficulties with ease. You will make lasting positive change and come out on top.

The resolution to make change won’t just be mind over matter, it will be a whole body switch, that kinesiology will flick, like turning on a light!

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