Well hello Spring, how are you? Welcome budding blossoms, new life, the dawning of a crisp clarity after the long cold Winter. Spring is a time of new growth and pruning away the old. As we peel out of our Winter cocoons and sort through what no longer serves us, goodbye love handles, created by Winter stodge, a little too much dark chocolate and red wine by the fire. Time to unfurl our yoga mats, get our bicycles out of the garage and glimpse towards tendrils of sun streaming through the new growth on trees and long awaited warmer weather.

It is the time to detox our bodies, although as reminded by an old friend, September is still a month for colds and flus, so just take it gently. A great place to start detoxing is with the bowel, if the bowel is toxic, those baddies will seep through the bowel wall and make their way into the bloodstream leaving you with a thick headedness not even a triple espresso will cut through (Not that you want to compensate with caffeine, because that will just tax your poor old adrenals anyway, making you even more tired in the long run). If the bowel is toxic it will affect every other system of the body. With support you may like to use a combination of herbs and supplements to assist your detox. Bentonite clay is great for ridding nasties from the body, and a kinesiology session will help you identify the specific herbs and supplements your body needs to support it cleanse.

When we think of detoxing, we should also think about old habits, and even people who no longer serve us. (With consideration to people please be gentle as everyone has a heart, even the Tin man got one eventually). If ridding yourself of things which no longer serve you seems too daunting on your own, seek help and cut through the hard parts with a kinesiology session, it really does make all the difference.

With a good Spring clean, getting rid of all the old junk we no longer need and which is clogging up our space, both physically and mentally, we make way for the new. For exciting prospects, new ways of doing things, new friendships, knowledge and habits which better serve us.

On a more personal note, after a break away and seeing how the other half live, I feel renewed, rejuvenated, and I have a new sense of clarity and feel better able to serve my clients. Bring on Spring, warmer weather and a stream of beautiful new clients.

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