Snot, it’s green and disgusting, but it’s got a message
While it’s normal for kids to pick up every other illness, and come home from daycare or school with the latest bug, this is a building block to a healthy immune system, battling with an ongoing infection for weeks on end and enduring rounds of resistant anti-biotics shouts that conventional medicine is not working, and your little one needs extra help. It also suggests that they are possibly carrying an underlying emotional issue, whether yours or their own, no matter how little your little one. In which case kinesiology is an excellent modality to address the emotional cause and “disarm” it.
If your child is experiencing illness with phlegm, such as sinusitis, chest infection, a cold with a runny nose, or earache (please beware that green fluid coming from the ear is a sign the ear drum may have ruptured.) you can help to support your child in the following ways;
Keep your child well hydrated, with clean purified water, kiwi and watermelon may also be good. You can make warm honey water for your child or chamomile tea with honey. Increase immune boosting foods such as Manuka honey (or Raw cold spun honey from a source in your locality, as it contains local pollens which can strengthen the immune system.) berries, garlic, green leafy vegetables, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower which are especially good for the lungs and respiratory system and importantly give your child high doses of vitamin C. Your child may even benefit from supplementing their diet with nutritional supplements at this time, as foods may not contain high enough nutritional benefits to assist them through this phase. (It is important to note that most Supermarket brand vitamins and minerals are little more than synthetic substitutes which cause far more harm than good, especially to a little one’s already incapacitated immune system)! You may think it’s a nice idea to get your sick child a soothing slushie drink from the service station, but don’t, as it’s best to avoid mucus forming foods such as sugar (preservatives and colours are also not beneficial to an already overloaded system). Other big mucus causing foods include, dairy, grains, soy and bananas.
Whilst on the topic of foods it is worthwhile noting that if the condition is recurring your child may have an allergy, or intolerance to certain foods. Kinesiology can greatly assist in gaining an understanding of which foods may be the triggers.
Having studied herbs, both formally and informally some which may be of benefit are Liquorice as it boosts the immune system and has a sweet taste enjoyable to children, expectorant herbs such as Horehound which soothes coughs, is also anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and has sedative properties and anti-microbial herbs like Echinacea, or Thyme which has (both expectorant) and anti-bacterial properties (again raw honey comes into its’ own here). Coltsfoot is the go to herb for coughs, it has been used for centuries medicinally, but unfortunately it is restricted in some states in Australia. However, it is available as a homeopathic for liquid mixtures. Coltsfoot’s magical healing abilities would probably leave any medication produced by drug companies for dead. As a kinesiologist I am not legally allowed to prescribe herbs (or nutritional supplements), but can use muscle testing to ascertain ones which may best benefit your child’s system, best dosages, and I can suggest them to you. Incapsulated herbs can be broken open and mixed with honey “to help the medicine go down.”
You may also like to try some lymphatic drainage massage, I have provided a short demonstration film by Dr. Mark Lynch, , which is an excellent guide. Similarly, applying a warm compress to the face can help soothe sinuses.
For ear blockages it can be good to get your child to blow bubbles, from experience this also lightens your dear little one’s heart, as the novel experience of blowing bubbles in bed is a win when they’re experiencing pain in the wee hours of the night.
Earache, may also benefit from a warm compress of soothing Chamomile, or Garlic which has anti-viral and anti-biotic properties, or simply a warm face washer held against the ear.
If your child has fever be sure to monitor it. Do remember fever is there to burn off the infective nasties, and pain killers will only mask the issue, but take proper precautions.
Whilst vaccinating is a contentious issue which should be carefully researched, never vaccinate your child when they are unwell! (You should also ensure they have excellent gut health if you decide to proceed, particularly important after they have had rounds of anti-biotics).
You can use a humidifier in the room and add essential oils such as eucalyptus, or lemon oil. (It is best to use organic oils, as they are pure). Never use oils on the skin or internally, and do not use fragrant oils (which are synthetic and harmful). Essential oils are highly concentrated and should be used with caution, for example while Peppermint oil is good to clear the airways, it can be too strong for little babies and in fact cause respiratory issues!
Bathing your child in an epsom salts (magnesium) bath will aide their nervous system to relax and help them get the much needed rest to help them recover from their illness, as well as tonnes of your love.
Once the infection has cleared increase your child’s lung capacity with aerobic exercise, get your child running, jumping, and swimming (an exceptional exercise for lungs).
A particular form of kinesiology called, Neural Organisational Technique, may be of particular benefit to your child at this time as it can aid with respiratory conditions, decompressing the head, food intolerances, and charging up the immune system.
Melinda Zygarlicki is a Kinesiologist who practises from Warrandyte. She has been in practise since 2012.
*N.B. I am not suggesting you use this advice in place of Medical attention, this article merely suggests extra ways to support your child.

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