By nature, children are energetic beings, as babies they have been delivered directly from source.

As time goes by they can pick up negative inferences from life, or on some occasions they are even born with them. Our children’s positive emotional wellbeing is foremost in our hopes and wishes for them, however, they can be negatively affected by messages in the media, the culture at large, or family. (Try as we might we all have at least one nagging negative belief system biting at our heals). And, as best as we do for our children, we cannot always avoid the toxins from the environment which can ultimately affect our beloved offsprings’ young organs, and developing bodies. These negative impacts can build up and form ‘dis ease,’ unless we take care to clear them.

Almost all dis ease patterns (symptoms) can be reversed.

Kinesiology is an amazing modality which can work wonders for children and adults alike. It can be used for a myriad of applications including disease patterns in the body, pain management, and changing habits.

To exemplify, one of my clients was a young girl aged, 13, who had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis aged, 18 months. The medications she was on made her stomach churn, and the disease was attacking her young body to such an extent that it was sending her blind. However, after receiving kinesiology with me, on the car ride home her stomach had immediately settled, and extraordinarily, at her next appointment at the Royal Children’s Hospital test results revealed her eyesight had improved.

Another client, aged 8, was due to have an expander put into her mouth at the Orthodontist. Her mother was worried, as this was a child with a very low pain threshold. We completed a kinesiology balance and worked on fear about the procedure and she was given some take home techniques to use in the lead up to the Orthodontist appointment, and on the day, to everyone’s joy the Orthodontist appointment passed like a breeze, without incident.

Another client, aged 3, diagnosed on the spectrum, lived in the bush, in a mosquito prone area. Bites were unavoidable, most children cannot help but itch due to the histamines. However, for this little girl they had become all but a psychological tic, particularly with bites on the face. Her mum would have to cover the child’s bites with bandaids, as the child would constantly pick at them and they would develop into sores. After completing a five element balance and providing the body with what it needed, on an energetic level, she stopped picking at her face and it healed.

While Kinesiology can draw on many bodies of knowledge including herbs and nutrition, it is foremost a form of energy medicine. In it we work with the Meridians, the invisible lines of energy that are used in acupuncture, a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine which is at least 5,000 years old; and also the energy centres of the Chakras, which you may be familiar with from yoga practise. The Ayurvedic system of Medicine is a technology which is even older than Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We are all affected by energy, we have all felt someone in the car next to us staring at us, only to turn and find that they are indeed staring at us, or the charismatic person at the party, you can’t help but want to be near to join in the fun. Similarly, on an energetic level we are deterred from being near the depressed person, as it’s not something that elevates us.

As human beings we are made up of various “bodies” expanding out from the physical into the energetic. A ‘dis ease’ pattern can emerge in any one of these bodies and begin to affect the whole template. (Barbara Ann Brennan’s book, Hand’s of Light, is an excellent resource if you wish to explore this topic further.)

When things come into our energetic sphere they affect us, and we can build our physical and emotional bodies to strengthen our energetic system, or vice versa, we can build our energetic system to strengthen our physical or emotional bodies.

Building our physical body is easily achieved through supplying it with life-giving foods, the right vital nutrients, and health giving exercise. Bolstering our emotional and energetic bodies is achievable, but less simple than the physical.

Our emotional system needs positive feedback and reinforcement, and of course love. And we can bolster our energetic system with practises like meditation, chi gong and yoga. Now you can begin to see the interconnectedness of these systems, and how effective the modality of kinesiology can be, as especially as it addresses all these systems, in a simple, gentle and effective manner.

We are all energetic beings, but children are more closely connected to this system than their parents. As adults we have become more bound by ingrained thought processes, poor diet, bad habits, and the way things ought to be, and further removed from the pure energy of our natural bodies.

Children can experience the benefits of kinesiology in as little as one session, however, if an issue is deeply routed, it may take several sessions over a period of months, and then it is simply a matter of “tuning up” every so often. Often we begin with the parents, with at least one initial clearing session to ensure the child is not being negatively affected by their patterns.

As children have fewer layers of issues built up by the hardships of life, negative belief systems, and higher functioning bodies, as yet unaffected by poor habits and diets, they tend to be less complicated than adults and often respond more quickly to kinesiology processes than adults do.

I invite you to try kinesiology with me to see how we can positively impact your child’s development.

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