Today is the first day of Winter and as we embark on this season of cold, darkness, and going to ground, it marks the journey within. A time for introspection, going into the unconscious, working with the shadow self, and with the sparks of candlelight and open fires, a time for transformation of the inner world.
A time to honour ourselves with deep heartwarming foods; Stews laden with herbs like parsley and oregano rich in nutrients, roasted root vegetables grounding us down in this cool earthy season, citrus fruits full of vitamin C ever depleting from our bodies, and lacing our dishes with ginger and garlic to ward of seasonal nasties, and topping up with zinc, which is depleted by caffeine and stress, to assist our immune systems. If you feel it’s too cold to keep up your water intake sip herbal and fruit teas throughout the day.
With the beginning of Winter, for the 30 days of June, I am making a personal commitment to transform myself with self care. I will also be gentle on myself, if for some reason, I skip a day, or I slip up, I am going to kindly, gently and lovingly and forgive myself, and continue the following day. I am making a commitment to writing affirmations on a daily basis. This morning I carefully selected affirmations, based on Joy, Abundance, Confidence, Peace, Connection, Self love, Positivity and Health. I selected those which resonated, and some which were truly hard to say.
I know, it is only day 1, but I have to say scrawling them down in my notebook felt, well affirming!
Tell me about your inner journey this Winter – Will you take a self-care challenge too?

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