Today I worked with a lovely lady online in one of the sunnier parts of the world. Without going into too much detail this lady was experiencing anxiety because of imbalances in her life.

We did a five element balance and looked at a number of her meridians beginning with her pericardium, otherwise known as the heart protector. This muscle functions to literally protect the heart, regulates blood flow and keeps a steady beat for the external and internal environment. In terms of social anxiety, you can see a metaphor here about our inner and outer worlds. We held neurolymphatic points to assist the body.

She was also experiencing what we call, a “massive reversal,” this means we want two opposing things; a happy life and a miserable life. Sometimes there are hidden benefits to sickness, for example sympathy, or attention, that we are not getting in a positive way, so we get the attention via negative means. As I said this is hidden, or unconscious so we are not aware of it. We corrected the massive reversal ensuring she is going for a happy life.

We also worked on her Lung meridian, the over-riding emotion for Lung is grief. Considering what she was dealing with, she could definetly see a relationship to this emotion and how it had an affect of her emotional wellbeing. We tonified acupressure holding points to bring this meridian into balance.

We worked on her Liver meridian and the emotion of Anger, she most certainly had good reason to be feeling anger. Anger has a bit of a bad wrap in our culture, in reality it tells us that something is wrong and needs attention or fixing. If we don’t address this emotion it came mask as depression, which was what was happening. So we did some alternate nostril breathing and a visualisation involving giving herself peace.

We looked at her Gallbladder meridian, which was associated with her overthinking, gallbladder meridian is very prominent through the head, hence the association. To alleviate this “overthinking” we held a neurovascular holding point to draw blood away from the flight or fight part of the brain and into the frontal cortex where we do our higher order thinking. This has a calming affect.

The final meridian we addressed was the Kidney, which is about fear and coveresly willpower, or having the will to overcome our fear. We held kidney one on the sole of the foot and discussed the benefits and science of grounding, standing barefoot in the earth. We also discussed the herb, Liquorice root for adrenal balance. Our adrenals sit directly above our kidneys and fuel the flight or fight response and are of course tied into anxiety.

We also looked at some nutritional information to balance the chemistry of the body, such as ensuring she is getting enough iron, B vitamins (ensuring these are not synthetics from cheap brands and doing more damage than good to the body), and protein, or more correctly Tryptophan, an amino acid which is a neurotransmitter that assists serotonin and melatonin production.

We discussed some practicalities in terms of her finances and friendship groups she may be able to access which may be better suited to her lifestyle.

At the beginning of the session she was experiencing anxiety at about 6/10, we activated the negative thoughts and triggers, the anxieties and brought the stress level up to 9/10 in order to work on them and by the end we had reduced her load to 3/10 and were left with one happy lady.

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