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Melinda is Diploma Qualified and a member of the IICT. (International Institute of Complimentary Therapists).

Kinesiology with Melinda

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Create change on a cellular level with my gentle, yet thorough approach to your wellbeing. With kinesiology, together we will carefully unpack what is affecting you, to uncover the underlying cause of your “dis ease,” and provide clear pathways forward on your wellness journey.

I will hold space for you, which will allow you to feel safe, cared for, listened to and at complete ease. You will be in control of how much information you divulge, and are encouraged to ask as many questions as you like. As your practitioner I will bridge the practical and esoteric with a professional demeanour.

When I work with you, I also benefit, so I want to ensure that I give you the best that I can and we both come out feeling radiant. I have been practising since 2012, and I love continuing my professional development, bringing in new skills and knowledge, to add to my tried and true staples.

Melinda is a caring and personable professional. She has worked extensively with people who have experienced trauma, depression and emotional blocks with great success. She has a keen interest in working with children with Autism, enabling them and their families to experience a better way of life.


Qualified Kinesiologist since 2013

Melinda has expertise in Neural Organisation Technique (NOT), Herbs and Nutrition, Touch for Health, Primitive Reflexes and Brain Integration (LEAP) for learning disorders and repeated emotional patterns. She is able to bring the body out of the fight/flight/freeze pattern back into homeostasis so it is stabilised and supported to deal with the core issue. Enabling the body to eliminate symptoms and “dis-ease” patterns, including emotional and psychological symptomology, bringing forth a happier, centred and well balanced human being.

Why Choose Melinda

Years of Experience

Melinda is a Diploma qualified Kinesiologist as of 2013. She came to the profession of kinesiology after years of experience working with children and families in the teaching profession, both in Australia and overseas.

Customised to Your Needs

 Every session is about you, your child and your family. No two sessions will be the same. I will attend to you and work with you, and your family’s individual needs every session.

Health Results Delivered

Reliable outcomes are what you and your child can expect. In time we can reduce “dis-ease” conditions and make a difference in yours and your child’s life, and bring about a point of joy in your life.

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“I can’t tell you how happy I am with the results Melinda has achieved in our child’s life. From 100 to 1 Melinda has made the greatest difference”

Mark, Park Orchards

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